Shadowing, part 2

Yesterday and today, I did some more shadowing and involvement for my upcoming assignment switchover.

Yesterday, I attended a follow-up meeting to discuss our plans for the summer outreach, including program offerings, outreach ideas and so on. I feel we got quite a bit pounded out. And from the looks of it, I’m going to be one busy chick this summer. Huzzah!

Today I did another MANNA food bank run. This time, another colleague who will be helping me with the runs – to do the heavy lifting and provide transportation – was with us so she could learn the process. I was pleased that I managed to remember pretty much everything I did last week, and am getting a better feel for how the system works. Sweet.

One sour note – summer is a slack time for the volunteers who normally help us out re: transportation, so we may have some issues there, since my colleague only has a regular sized car and we generally need an SUV plus a car to haul away the goods. OTOH, I may be able to talk hubby Thom into helping me with the MANNA runs on those Tuesdays when he doesn’t have work scheduled early in the mornings, which means man-muscle and a pick-up truck – a double whammy.

Also, the kids are going insane. Apparently it’s related to the increase in sunlight soaking through their wee little skulls. Gah.

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