I eagerly await our beneficent robot overlords

Today was the day I set aside for collecting, tallying and reporting the month’s volunteer stats at school. Previously, it took most of a morning to flip through the big folder full of volunteer time sheets, pore over the visitor sign in log for volunteers who either forgot to sign their time sheet or who don’t have one in the first place (short-term volunteers, parents, etc), and so on. Then I had to spend close to a day or so emailing teachers to help me identify folks whose time in/time out looks like it could be a volunteer (stayed for an hour or so), but whom I don’t recognize (could be volunteer, could be computer fix-it guy). Then I had to total and enter all those hours and any new names into my spreadsheet, get the totals and pass them on.

But now, thanks to the wonders of technology (namely the new School Check-In software tracking system), all I have to do is print out the volunteer log (for certified volunteers) and the visitors log, do a quick run through the latter to highlight any visitor with the listed purpose of “volunteer” (for one-time or parental volunteers), run up some quick totals (there may be a way to get it to print out totals for each volunteer, but at the moment, all I have figured out how to get is a daily log, so everyone’s listed several times over the month) and enter them. Took me all of half an hour today, and that’s including interruptions.

Way mo better.

Ah technology, how do I love thee! Let me count the ways…

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