It’s getting to the point where it’s hot on my walks to work now. The flowers are peeking out. The birds are flirting and raising babies in the scrub. On a high note, I got to snorgle an early lilac bloom today…ahhhh.

Not much else to report. Club is going much as it always does. The colleague I will be switching jobs with come summer, with whom I had planned to be accompanying on a road trip around town today hunting down samples of pampering goodies for the Emma Center Mother’s Day celebration, begged off sick, so we’re doing that tomorrow. I’ve lined up a 90%-for-sure-settled “Reddy Freddy, the Preparedness Squirrel” event for the middle of May at my school, which should be fun (one person occupies the squirrel suit – not me, my shoulder is too whacked out to rest a heavy mascot head on it – while the other person – yep, me – teaches about emergency preparedness and hands out stickers). Supposedly, the kids love it.

One other new note is that with the new discipline policy finally put into print and into effect, we’ve been getting the hang of sending home the carbon-copied discipline notices whenever the kids merit one (and following up with phone calls home to their parents, which they are NOT thrilled about). Slowly but surely the kids are getting the idea that yes, this is real and yes, their parents will know about it one way or the other. We’ll see how it works out.

But other than that, it’s just been a welcome day of sluggish spring-induced euphoria. For which I am eternally grateful and shamelessly hogging all to myself.

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