“Tough Love”

That was the name of the play that we took the Homework Club kids to see today. I was a bit nervous about the field trip – I’m always nervous about the prospect of hauling a dozen kids out into public where I can’t send them home if they get into trouble – but, just like last time we went to the Reid Center for a play, they were pretty much the best behaved kids in the room. There was a little talking and some fidgeting, and they went gonzo outside afterward while we were waiting for our ride. But that’s to be expected of young kids who are sitting still for a few hours. But over all, their behavior was stellar and I’m very much relieved to have gotten through the event emotionally unscarred.

Spent my morning having fun shadowing a colleague with whom I’ll be switching places when school’s out. She didn’t want to be cooped up for summer and I didn’t want to be outside, so it all works out. I’ll be manning a desk at the Emma Resource Center, updating their Emma Bucks database (I think it’s some sort of volunteer hours barter exchange thingy), helping them make their organic community garden into something bigger and better, learning how to write grants and doing the ordering/shopping for their on-site food bank. Plus, this summer they’re launching a neighborhood marketing campaign to create more awareness of their presence and services among the population they serve, and marketing is a gig near and dear to my heart. Sweet!

So I attended their weekly staff meeting today, which was cool since I was in a position to be able to contribute some valuable suggestions right off the bat, then spent an hour verbally walking through my colleague’s average day. Monday, we’re going off on a sponsor-finding mission to get samples of goodies for their Mother’s Day celebration and Tuesday, I’ll be doing a “ride along” to the town’s central food bank to learn how the pantry shopping bit works. It’s cool. I’ll be doing all the stuff I love – messing about with computers, marketing, gardening and not doing adventurous, outdoorsy stuff.

It’s great to be switching up jobs halfway through the service year. In fact, a good portion of us are doing that. It really breaks up the routine and snaps you out of your rut-stupor. Wish I’d had that option when I served in Habitat for Humanity. It would have made the whole thing that much easier to deal with. A little novelty and fresh air go a long way to preserving sanity.

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