Best training ever!

Best training evah

Today’s training was all about cool craft projects for kids, and the facilitating member brought their parents (who used to do this sort of thing for a living) in to show us all a bunch of cool craft ideas we could do. So we spent the meeting happily playing around and doing really fun stuff, including:

  • Making Gak, a glue/borax mixture the texture of which I summed up as being “home made boogers.” No doubt a kid favorite.
  • Make-your-own-constellation viewers with mailing tubes, plastic tablecloth scraps and a push-pin.
  • Marbled paper.
  • Recycled-plastic shrinky dinks. Hint: #6 plastic (only!), permanent markers and a 350 degree oven.
  • How to cut an index card so that your whole body can pass through it.
  • Cut-paper whirly-gig helicopter toss-toys.
  • Fun with Mobius strips.

And much much more. It was a blast, and it was hilarious to see how much we all got into it. There was a palpable fever pitch of creativity in the room. The shrinky-dink-making toaster over was running at full speed and the floor was covered with marbled paper. And of course, there was much oozing and swinging of Gak (never get it on carpet, paper or other porous surfaces that you can’t wash – just trust me on this). We got a bunch of instructions and patterns to take home with us, afterward. Heh…give a bunch of grown-ups scissors, markers, gooey stuff and melty plastic and we all turn into a bunch of kindergarteners! 😀

I am a craft queen. I love crafting. But most of my crafty stuff is in storage in Missouri. So this was like giving an alcoholic a night on the town after months of sobriety. Wheeeeeee! I had so much fun, you don’t even know. And I’ve spent much of the afternoon since wondering how much #6 plastic I have laying around the house. 😉

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