How to set up a volunteer appreciation luncheon, part dos

Picking up where we left off yesterday

9. Prepare to finish the rest of the unending stack of custom-colored placemats. Discover that the librarian did not change out the empty roll of laminating plastic for a new roll yesterday, is gone today, and the only other two people who are trained to do it are booked up with classwork until after you leave. Decide that the umpty-zillion placemats you laminated yesterday will more than suffice for the modest group of volunteers you’re actually expecting to show up. Pat self on back for learning to make such fine executive decisions.

10. Call caterer to confirm food delivery. All’s well on the black-bean hummus front! Yes!

11. Remember what it was you forgot and slip an invitation letter into the Foster Grandmothers’ timesheet folder before they arrive. Whew!

12. Decide to go ahead with library furniture rearranging so you won’t have to do it tomorrow. Realize you need the librarian present for that, since it’s her turf. Sigh, and add it to your monolithic to-do for tomorrow.

13. Cast about idly for things left undone. Realize that you haven’t sorted gifts and awards yet. Realize that that’s because the gifts haven’t yet arrived, as they were promised and expensively over-paid for. Call company to check on order status.

14. Discover that very simple spoken words can actually stop your heart over the phone when the promotionals company can’t find your order. Manually restart heart when, after much holding and keyboard clicking, they find it, confirm shipment and hand over the tracking number.

15. Get downright giddy when package is brought into the office by your supervisor, carried above her head in exuberant victory, just as you’re firing up the UPS website. High five.

16. Spend last 15 min of morning picking SKU stickers off of gifts. Finish only about a third of them. Add it to your list of things to do tomorrow. Sigh.

17. To be continued. Again.

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