Spring Break!


It’s been a hectic week of collecting, collating, printing, copying and otherwise twiddling the immensity of the volunteer, student and parental involvement data for the third quarter for both sites. I’ve been playing paper chase to the point that I’m seeing copiers in my sleep, which is annoying because it really cuts into my slumberous cavorting around with Vin Diesel time (rooowrrrr).

…hold it…hold it…

But now it’s Spring Break! And I’m off for a week! YAY! Rest! Sleep! Quality Vin Diesel dream time, uninterrupted by buttinsky office equipment!


So, although I might pop in here now and again with some info-posting, you might not want to, yanno, count on it or anything. I’m just saying.

I won’t be totally gone – I’ll be earning some discretionary hours by spending a day at a local Habitat for Humanity build, so I’ll blog about that, and next Sat I’ll be minding a booth for something or the other Americorps-related at UNCA. But otherwise, eh, not so much.

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