It’s in the stars

Today’s Friday Morning Meeting training subject – astrology and our birth charts – was more entertaining than strictly useful in our work, but it was kinda fun. I didn’t really learn anything I didn’t already know, having gone through a short but intense astrology phase back in my twenties. But I do now have documented excuses for any bad acts, so that’s a plus (Look – it says it right here: Libras may be blunt and say what’s on their mind, and sometimes act without thinking. See? It’s not my fault. LOL!)

Ah, if only it were that easy.

Anyway, like I said, fun. On a more functionally useful note, the summer program for the homework clubs has come together a whole lot quicker than we really expected it to. Mainly, we’re being absorbed into the YMCA’s existing summer program, one homework club a day for a total of three days (that’s as many as they could make room for, so one of our clubs is unfortunately out of luck). And then I imagine we’ll have other stuff planned for that fourth day – who knows what, but it should be fun in any event. The downside is that it’s a lot of outdoors stuff – hiking, swimming holes and whatnot. I keep hoping they’ll need someone to hold down the fort and do spreadsheets, but I’m thinking it’s not going to happen that way. If I get bit by a snake, I am soooo going to be pissed.

Tonight, there was a community meeting at the housing development where our homework club is located so Sarah and I went to put in an appearance and get ourselves introduced as a valuable source of community service volunteer hours, among other things. We got to learn about other community resource stuff coming into the development, such as health screenings, tax preparation and substance abuse counseling. Lieutenant Young, the police officer who runs the Housing Security Team, gave us an update on what law enforcement is doing to cut down crime and boost community safety, and the directors talked about how HUD is going from a centralized authority to an “every development for itself” project based management model.

One result of that is that every public housing development has to be self-sufficient in terms of funds, which means that every able bodied resident will have to be working and pay rent (with exceptions for the elderly and disabled), so that’s a big change that will no doubt cause some serious shake-out chaos. But in the end, it’s probably the only thing that will save the developments from simply becoming that economic hospice I spoke about last month, a rest home for those who either think that being a productive member of society is for suckers or for those who think otherwise, but simply can’t work for whatever reason. That’s where I hope some of this economic development stuff that I want to be a part of comes into play – once those who won’t work are gone, those who want to but who have trouble getting an outside job for whatever reason (child care issues, transportation, disabilities, etc) may be able to find a way to support themselves with dignity and (dare I hope) enjoyment.

Anyway, it looks like a lot of good stuff happening in the area. Let’s hope the community steps up to do their part. In any case, I’ll be there trying to make it work. I can’t not help – it says so right in my birth chart.

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