Daylight saving hangover

Yrrgghhh…sorry, no post last night. I’m still in that Daylight Saving Twilight Zone where my body somehow feels I’m getting an hour less of sleep every night. Go figure. I’m still getting tired at the same time I always do, only now I’m getting up an hour earlier. Tried going to bed earlier, but just ended up reading until late because I wasn’t sleepy. And of course now that I was finally starting to be able to wake up to some nice, welcoming daylight, the switch has dropped me back into the dark ages again. (Apparently, however, there is no official connection between this reality and any alleged assertions that our Fearless Leaders are in any way actively existing as or associated with Dark Lords.)

And all this for a purported 1% savings on fossil fuels, which is a figure that is some 50 years old and doesn’t take into account things like people using the extra daylight to go to the (energy-sucking) mall in their (energy sucking) SUVs or out on the (massively fossil fuel resource sucking) golf course. Or the fact that these days of air conditioning, cable tv and teh interweebs, chances are that despite the extension of sunlight into the evening hours, most Americans are just sitting around on their auxillary burrito storage facilities watching 24 with all the lights on while the latest Sting album downloads into the iPod and Junior hacks into the DOD database with his Linnux-modded PSP handheld, sunlight be damned. Because that’s just how we roll in the USofA, yo.

Whatevs. I’m due up for a Snorry McNappersons. Ciao.

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