Balance is achieved, if only momentarily

For a respectably long period of time today in the homework club (something like half an hour or so), we actually had as many volunteers/staff as students in the hizzouse (4 each). And don’t think we didn’t revel in the novelty of being able to afford those early bird students with lavish, almost comically doting one-on-one attention. Hell, we luxuriated in it.

Of course, eventually more kids came in and upset the whole ecology of the thing, banishing it once again into the realm of wishful thinking and (now) fond memories. But still, for those precious few moments…

Ah, well. We’ll always have Paris…

And, on a follow-up note, today the principal at the school I worked at asked me about my speechifying at the Black Asheville conference – someone had brought it up to her at a training or some such and she wanted first-hand version of what went on; and no I’m not in any trouble, as this was essentially just a fact-finding sort of discussion on her end with the intent of putting herself into the loop on what was said – making her the final person in my little community of folks who have supervisory interest in me to do so. I therefore consider this matter officially (and I do mean officially) dealt with and am moving on.

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