Site evaluation day – the perfect storm fails to materialize

Today, our program director stopped by to do a site evaluation visit, which basically involved her sitting back quietly and checking out how we do our jobs. Which was kind of weird, yanno, having someone you know and would normally be actively interacting with just hanging around in the background with a clipboard, all ominous-like. 😀

And it could have been a complete disaster, seeing as how our only scheduled volunteer called in sick, leaving us to wrangle the group all on our ownsome. This was made doubly difficult by the absolutely gorgeous spring weather – warm, breezy and sunny – which was an even greater gravitational well for the kids than normal and which we, being only two people, had to figure out a way to work around without leaving snack undone or those who need help with homework unhelped.

However, it actually turned out okay. A few of the kids who normally have scads of homework turned out to either already have finished their work at school or only had a little, freeing them to help the smaller kids. Sarah made up the tuna fish sandwiches before the kids arrived, sidestepping that prep-time tap dance. And even though we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 13-14 kids, they all behaved well enough to let us get through the day without any meltdowns or other crises.


So, although our director got to see us at full challenge, we managed to make it almost look easy. And hopefully we passed our evaluation with flying colors – although I’m not sure if we’re allowed to find out how we did or not. In either case, we even managed to have a relatively calm, smoothly flowing day despite what could have been a major headache of a situation.

All things considered, I’m calling that a big frakking win.


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