Learning all the time…

Okay, so I went out to an after hours Chamber of Commerce networking mixer thing trying to hunt up some more rent-paying business, and in the process I’ve had just a weensy bit more wine than makes for functional typing, so I’m going to keep this to a minimum. (And no, Tammy, if you’re reading this, I wasn’t wearing Americorps gear while I did so. I went as myself.) 😀

Anyway, the big highlight for the day was being invited to attend a grant-writers’ brainstorming meeting about the FACES program. Apparently, the program is such a hit that the education folks are wanting to make it a district-wide initiative involving all the city elementary schools in some capacity and the grant-writing folks needed some more input about the problems the program will be facing and hopefully addressing, ideas for activities to meet those needs and what sort of measurable outcomes they can point to in their grant-writing process.

Now, no doubt this all sounds rather dry and boring, but I kid you not it was absolutely great! I love brainstorming and although I only participated minimally (albeit successfully – didn’t piss anyone off this time) 😀 , I did enjoy the chance to see how the grant-based program sausage is made. I got some handouts that are allowing me to peek into how grants are proposed and how programs are developed from the inside. I got to see how to run a wonderfully productive meeting (our facilitator was fantastic) and I got to see the inner workings of how these sorts of initiatives are created based on feedback and concerns from a variety of sources.

I’m probably not being as clear as I could be. Blame it on a truly excellent Cabernet. But the long and short of it is I learned a lot, got to contribute a little and had a ball for a few hours of what was otherwise a hectic and head-screwed-on-too-loosely-for-any-real-productivity kind of day.


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