The 173rd of Febrary

Hmmm..what to write about today. Well, for the first time in ages, it was actually nice out during my walk. Actually, it was nice last week, too, but I wasn’t walking. Too busy trying to get my transpo in order. But today I’m back to pounding the pavement and even though the temps hovering just above 50 degrees were still a bit chilly, there was a lot of sun and it felt nice to be all solarific and radiated.

In other news, I’m still getting the odd trickles of support (from a teacher, this time) for my Black Asheville Conference comments, which is nice. I’m beginning to think that I might just manage to get out of this with most of my hide intact. 😀

Got a new volunteer today for PVA, or at least his application. Gotta run it through the database, but I’m counting it as a win. Got a nibble, too, from my Craigslist ad, and she’ll be in tomorrow to do the app thing, so yay me!

It’s still feeling like February will never end, though. Shortest month of the year and it always, always seems to last forever and ever and ever. The title of this post comes from this comic, by the way. It’s one of those that you read it in the Sunday paper and then spend the rest of the day shoving it in everyone else’s face, going “See! See! I’m not the only one!”

Anyway, that’s about all there is for today. Really, just like February, it was absolutely nothing special that took every last second and every last bit of energy to get through.

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