Self-defense and volunteer training

Today’s meeting training was a primer on basic self-defense strategies, statistics and moves. Apparently some of my colleagues don’t feel as safe as I do. 😀 In any case, it quickly devolved into playing dress-up when it was revealed that the member giving the training had brought costumes so we could dress up and role play danger situations and practice our newly acquired moves. I bowed out, in respect for my still-healing shoulder, and simply watched my peeps trying on costumes and creating self-defense skits where they demonstrated various aspects of the training like the buddy systems, maintaining a confident stance when walking alone and so forth. Very funny.

This afternoon, we had a volunteer tutor training out at the Deaverview Housing Development community center. We had a Title I reading teacher in to show us various strategies, games and skill to use when working with low-grade-level reading students. Although aimed at helping the volunteers feel more comfortable in their jobs, I learned several things which I am hoping to implement the minute I get withing phonetic-sounding distance of some of our less reading advanced students. Crossing fingers and hoping it works. My goal for the year is to have all of the students reading as close to grade level as possible by the end of the school year. Ambitious, but (I think) doable.

Oh, and it’s official – bad luck truck is listed as “totaled” and we’ll be getting a check soonish. Which also means car shopping in the coldest, least outside-friendly time of the year. Joy.

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