Retreat to the Beach, Part Three: Buh Bye, Now

Ah, sunrise. There’s nothing I love more than getting up at dawn on a vacation day. NOT. However, dawn over the ocean is a site I see rarely, so I made the effort to at least wrap myself in a blankie and watch the pretty colors come up over the ocean (as I noted earlier, you can’t actually see the sun itself coming up over the ocean without more effort than I’m willing to go to at 6:30am). Then I went back to bed for a half hour to wake up before it was time to get up and help with breakfast – more yogurt, fruit, granola and pastries.

We spent at least an hour trying to sort out all of the individual rooms’ accouterments (plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, serving and cooking ware, etc) into the original 8 pieces per, but unfortunately it was a puzzle more resembling a thoroughly scrambled Rubik’s Cube than a simple matching game and in the end we simply gave up, hoping that by the time housekeeping went over each suite with a fine-toothed inventory it would all be accounted for. I still say my idea or bringing it all into one room and making a ginormous Poltergeist pyramid in the middle of the living room was the simplest solution, but I was strenuously outvoted.

I did, however, take the time to use the washer and dryer to come home with as many clean clothes as I arrived with. Spiffy!

Friday turned up cold, so of course all of our morning training exercises were out on the beach next to the big watery place with all the wind. Joy. We did a few leadership style exercises where we were placing ourselves on a continuum of the axis of assertive to non-assertive and of hot tamale to cool and collected. Whatever quadrant we were in was our leadership style.

I’m apparently a “spontaneous motivator” (just inside of assertive/passionate quadrant), which is described as:


often voices ideas and supplies passion, energizers
good at motivating others
both interpersonal problem solvers and task problem solvers
good at energetic dialogues with others


can be emotionally bound to ideas, have trouble with objectivity
can create highly emotionally charged climate if we go overboard challenging others and confronting assumptions

Apparently, cult leaders and charismatic leaders come from this group. Good to know. Hey, wanna try this kool-aid? It’s delish! LOL!

Anyway, we finally got out of the wind for our last exercise, which was the “hot seat,” the name of which had most of the group wary the entire time we were there. Turns out, we just sat on a seat and the others told us what they saw us doing in 5 years, after which we gave our own hopes and dreams and compared the results. Interesting. We were pretty good at seeing the others where they wanted to be, with some being guessed at right down to positions desired. They all saw me as doing jobs a bit farther into the tech sector than I’m likely to go, but then again I tend to really fly my geek flag at work and tend not to talk about some of the more personal priorities I have, so it could just be a side effect of that limited exposure.

We wound up with a cookout lunch at the grills (kabobs, corn on the cob, fruit salad and high-end ice cream bars – yum!), and went our separate ways. Earlier, I had snagged the last half of the black-bean lasagna and was looking forward to munching on it when I got home. However, the colleague I rode down with wasn’t around when I turned up at the car with it, so I set it on the trunk figuring it was cold enough outside that it was probably better off there than in the car anyway. Long story short, someone swiped my lasagna! 😛 Oh well, one of the overworked and probably underpaid immigrant landscapers that were haunting the place probably got the best lunch of his winter. It was yummy.

And that was all she wrote, aside from the 5-hour butt-numbing ride back. God, I hate highway butt. And it’s not like you can sit on anything else, especially with a full carload. Ouchie.

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