Settling in to something great

We’re not exactly swamped with volunteers. But man, it’s so amazing how much help just one or two extra people can be. All of a sudden my days at the homework club have gone from wrenching marathons over the tumultuous emotional terrain of preteen-hood to rather smooth-flowing days with plenty of space and energy for everyone.


Part of the difference is that it enables me to get some distance on everything, and not be so overwhelmed by what’s going on right in front of my face that I can’t step back and breathe. It means that I’m not constantly balancing the energy needs of being 100% focused on what I’m doing in order to stay in the flow, while still reflexively checking every few minutes to make sure I’m not forgetting something, someone or some problem. It also means that I can have more time for the kids who really need it and not be shortchanging the rest.

It also means I can concentrate on one thing long enough to remember how to figure the minimum perimeter from a give area. (That rattle you hear when I shake my head is the dried-up nutmeat-like math center of my brain that, essentially vestigial to begin with, has further atrophied due to lack of reasonable use in daily life.)

(After tomorrow morning, I’m out of here and headed for the coast until late Friday evening. Don’t expect anything until sometime that weekend, if you’re lucky.)

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