Drowning in a sea of cellulose

Ack. It’s that time again – time to do last month’s bookkeeping. Volunteer hours totals. Time sheets. Attendance rosters. Yadda yadda yadda. The first week of every month is like standing in one of those money booths where the dollars fly around and you have to catch them, only the papers flying around are records and the idea is to fill them out as they whip by (carefully and legibly, of course), then catch and shove them all into the right pigeonholes before you bleed to death from a fatal threshold of paper cuts.

Anyway, spent a largish portion of my day doing that, so I’m really looking forward to the end of the week. Wednesday through Friday is our mid-year retreat on Hilton Head. Not anticipating much beachifying (it’s warmer than here but it’s still, yanno, February), but I am looking forward to chilling out a bit.

And teambuilding, of course. Nothing like Americorps to get your fill of teambuilding activities. Can I just say that we are, by now, either a fully solidified team, for which additional teambuilding is redundant, or such an abject failure of teambuilding principles that it’s simply worthless to keep flogging the blatantly decomposing equine corpse.

Or not. Some people enjoy that sort of thing, I guess. Me, eh, not so much. But I’ve not got too much to gripe about. Hilton Head and all that. It could be worse.

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