Kids. Enclosed areas. Lots of sugar. What could possibly go wrong?

Heh…today’s Fun Friday activity was making “gingerbread houses” out of graham crackers, icing and candy. Didn’t take long before pretty much every surface in the place had a sticky layer of sugar on it, and I saw more than one kid running around with literally a handful of icing puddled in their palm, licking it up like dying cows at a salt block.

Anyway, despite the predictable increase in hyperactivity about an hour in, they all managed to complete some form of carbo-castle, duly decorated with tooth-crumbling quantities and varieties of candy, from gumdrops to red hots – some of them quite elaborately so. Many low-res pics were taken for later collaging (there’s nothing like a cell-phone camera to bring out the hamminess of children – I’ve never seen so many protruding tongues). Sticky sweet fun was had by all.

Sarah even managed to get them to clean the mess up afterward (not all that hard, really, considering a good portion of it was delectably edible), so we didn’t even have a big mop-up afterward. Although we did run through a respectable number of surface-cleaner wipes.

During all of this, I spent way more time than I cared to outside in the biting cold letting some of the kids burn off excess sucrose on the basketball court. Saw a few flakes now and again, so we may see some more snow overnight.

Brrrrrrr…I’m sleeping in tomorrow.

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