Inclement Weather Day

Okay, not so much a snow day (although we did get a dusting) as a sleet, rain and ice day. Still, they did close the schools around here (can’t have the kiddies skidding around on sleet-rimed streets), so I got to sleep in after waking up at my normal 6:30 am to see if I had to get up. All props to the hubster who, having to wake up completely to put in some medicated eye drops for an ocular inflammation, braved the chill apartment to check the local news website for closings, allowing me to stay all snuggled down into bed. Gotta love a man who’ll take a direct hit from a winter-cold apt just to keep his snookums warm and cozy. (Yeah, I know. Sickening, aren’t we?)

And tomorrow’s regular meeting has been pushed back from 9am to 10 am due to the fact that we’ll be meeting in a borrowed space and those folks won’t be getting there until 9:30. Unless, that is, school is canceled tomorrow. No school, no Americorps. Keeps things simple.

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