Rent money and volunteers

Sorry for the slack posting, but I’ve been up to my turtleneck in copywriting work, which has been keeping me busy from the time I get home until I finally give up staring at the computer until my eyes bleed copy. Eh, it pays the bills. Normally don’t knock myself out like that, but I had a rush job turn up out of nowhere.

Hey, lookee – rent!

In other news, we’ve got volunteers! Yesterday we had almost as many adults as kids in the building. Which actually had more to do with not having very many kids, but hey, I’ll take it. We got a guy who’s going to be coming in regularly on Tuesdays, our local mom-volunteer is coming in three days a week and we also signed up another outside volunteer who will also be coming in three days a week. So, go us! Wooohoooo!

Other than that, not much news aside from predictions that we will probably get snowed out again tomorrow. Big winter storm supposed to be howling off the mountainside sometime after midnight tonight. Then again, we’ve had these “storm of the century” warnings before, only to get a few lost flakes slumming around in the outlying hipper areas of town checking out the boutiques while their more committed brothers and sisters gang up to beat the crap out of the southern counties. We’ll see.

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