A full day of fun – director’s cut

Heh…I’m back! And I’m all rested enough to tell you about all the fun we had Saturday.

To start with, 4 Americorps and the 7 kids that self-selected from those who were eligible to come along set out around 1:30 for a tour of the mind-bogglingly ginormous Biltmore Estate. On the one hand, it was cool to see all the sights – lots of wood carving, fancy interiors and insights into how things worked “back in the day” in the servants’ quarters. It’s pretty much a given that if you live in Asheville, you’re eventually going to be expected to do The Tour.

On the other hand – stairs! OMFG. Stairs up. Stairs down. Stairs, stairs all around. We spent almost 2 hours wandering around oggling the place (the kids had those tour headsets to listen to, as well), and by the end of it we were all pooped and the kids were more than ready to go home and sit down.

One note that I found incredibly reassuring – one of the kids who we’ve been having some trouble with spent pretty much the entire trip attached to me, and by attached I mean she sought out every opportunity to speed up or hang back to where I was and link her arm through mine as we went along the tour. Nice.

We got back just at 4:30, and by the time the kids were signed out and all, it was almost 5. Hubby whisked me away for a quick burrito lunch and then back again to the community center just in time to meet up with a few other Americorps buds to chauffeur 9 young kids (we’re talking little ones, now – toddlers and up to third grade) to the movies to watch Charlotte’s Web while their parents had a celebratory graduation dinner for the conclusion of the parenting classes they’ve been holding for the last several weeks.

I was vaguely dreading it, not being very familiar with little kids, but it was actually a great deal of fun! The little kids are very “huggy” and were all incredibly well-behaved, so it all went very smoothly. Due to a slight misunderstanding, we were driven to the wrong theater at first, but we had plenty of time and reached our correct destination with a good 15 minutes to spare (which was way better than the 45 minutes I was worriedly eyeballing as we pulled up to the first theater. 45 min with nothing to do is not a fun concept when you’ve got 9 hyper little tykes and a full theater lobby.) Our little asthma sufferer, about whom we were warned and about whom I spent a great deal of time anxious about, didn’t even have a single wheeze and didn’t need his meds even once during the whole trip, which was probably as much a relief to me as it was to him.

In fact, the only sour note of the night was the fact that Charlotte dies. I’ve always hated that.

We got them all home in good time, with several kids asleep on their feet. By the time I got home it was after 9pm. Hence the “later, gator” blogging. I mean, there’s a point at which I do draw the line and that was well past it.

Anyway, it was, as I said, a full day of fun. Hopefully, I’ll not have too many more like it, though. Sleep is also good.

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