Volunteering overseas

At today’s Friday Morning Meeting, we listened to a wonderful speaker who talked to us about the possibility of volunteering overseas with faith based and other groups. She and her husband (and two kids) spent three years in Israel and the West Bank back in the early nineties, supporting peace groups in their efforts to work toward a peaceful resolution to the problems in that area.

It was great to hear what it was like working with Israelis and Palestinians during that time of hope (that was right after the whole Bill Clinton/Yasser Arafat/Yitzhak Rabin group hug thing), as well as the obstacles they faced and overcame to do so.

I’ve considered going overseas to help out in any number of ways and places, but don’t think I ever will simply due to the fact that I happen to be madly in love with my cats, who I neither want to leave behind nor care to have them sit through months of quarantine in a steel cage somewhere so they can come with. So that pretty much limits me to domestic do-goodery.

Yeah, well. It’s not like there’s nothing left to work on.

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