Cabin fever and Blue Monday

Could be coincidence, but the kids have just been unstoppably difficult to get and keep under even a modicum of control just as the last week of January rolls around, a time officially known as the week of Blue Monday – i.e. the worst day/week of the year, for it’s perfect storm of darkness, failed New Year’s resolutions, cold weather and Christmas debts, among other things. Although kids are most likely indifferent to the resolution issues and holiday bills, they certainly are feeling the weather and the darkness, which is keeping them cooped up inside for most of the day. Add to that the synergy of 12-15 kids in one apt, which is our situation, and you’ve got a recipe for mayhem and disaster.

It’s been really tough, because I hate constantly being on their case, but they simply will not or do not have the capacity to settle down and act like human beings for more than seconds at a time. There are arguments breaking out over the smallest misunderstanding (or “misunderstandings” are being created to provoke arguments – hard to say either way) and no one seems capable of using an inside voice, going directly from talking to shouting without much lag time and all at the same time, which is simply deafening. They won’t listen. They won’t behave. And they’re getting closer and closer each day to outright mutiny. At least it seems that way. And the thing is, it’s not just the usual suspects. Even the nicest, most well-behaved kids are acting like someone poured a heaping helping of crazy over their breakfast cereal.

*pulls hair* (you see why I keep it so short, now)

I am soooo looking forward to daylight and warmth. But I still gotta slog it through Feb (my personal nemesis) and March (not much better) before I can even begin to pretend it’ll get better.

Lord help me.

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