Getting nothing done

Okay, so that isn’t exactly true. I did get stuff done today. Just not the Americorps stuff I planned to do.

On the way to our weekly Friday Meeting this morning, our truck decided we didn’t need first or second gear any longer. So I spent all morning and a good part of the afternoon dealing with all the crap that comes with a major automotive systems failure. Basically, we won’t know until Monday what, exactly, is wrong with the transmission but, barring spontaneous healing or magical transmission-fixing fairies coming to the rescue, it’ll likely be a minimum of a thousand bucks and could be upward of 3 or 4 grand if the mechanic opens it up and sees nothing but ugly staring back at him. Add to that the $150/week car rental to keep us from losing that transmission-fixing money by being out of work, and today wasn’t a pretty sight from the perspective of an Americorps-sized budget.

OTOH, we’re both safe (no accident ensued, despite this failure to shift happening while we were crossing a major highway during the morning rush hour). With hubby’s and my outside work, we can afford this, if not comfortably or with great joy. We were able to get reliable alternative transportation immediately, and at a rate we could also (grudgingly) afford. And, what the hell – even broke and broke down, we’re still in the mountains, where we’ve decided to live happily ever after.

This repair will hurt us, financially, but we’ll still be able to eat, pay rent and keep the house warm. We’ve got a whole lot going for us that a great number of people don’t. A hit like this would come perilously near, if not over the edge of, putting most of the families of the kids I work with (not to mention grew up with, including my own) on the street, and from there who knows how long it would take to recover. And we got through it together, leaning on each other for support, keeping a positive attitude and working as a team, rather than letting the stress come between us, as many couples do, and ending up using arguments and blame and petty spitefulness to vent the pressure.

All things considered, it could have been a lot worse.

Remember, blessings only become visible when you stop to count them. How many did you have today?

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