The power of the net

I’m a big fat internet geek. 99% of the people I know well enough to do business with, I’ve never met in person. Most of my connecting and networking happens online. And yet, I’ve never used all these finely honed and long-built connections to help me with my Americorps volunteer recruitment gig.

However, I finally got wise and took my pitch to the interweebs, pinging my online networks for interested parties in this area. Dunno what took so long for me to think of doing it – rather than, yanno, trying to figure out how to find, contact and recruit people in person in a town I’d just moved to and knew precious little about – but I’m guessing it’s that whole forest-trees thing. Call it an oversight, call it a missing synaptic on-ramp. Who knows? The greater irony comes into focus when you realize that frequently pop into my online habitat in the midst of recruitment activities – say, while waiting for cant-do-anything-until-I-hear-from-them emails and phone calls, or other enforced downtime – and never made the connection.

But hey, better late than never. I put the word out on a few networks and bulletin boards asking for anyone in this area who wants to help, and I’ve already got a nibble. Turns out she’s too far away to volunteer, but she did ask for a wishlist of donatables, which I eagerly supplied. Hopefully, we’ll get some nice items – games, supplies, toys. I’m still crossing my fingers for some actual warm bodies, but we’ll have to see. The net’s a big frontier and this is a small area.

Next up – Craigslist. Booyah!

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