Okay, so much for global warming

It was downright chilly today on my walk – 40 or under with a stiff, snow-hinting wind that sped right past my hiked up collar and wrapped around scarf like they weren’t there. Brrrrrr….

Anyway, spent most of the day doing yet more paperwork and records keeping, since apparently I completely spaced an entire set of records that I needed to have turned in at the end of the quarter. Eh, it happens. There’s simply so much going into your brain during orientation and training that you’re bound to forget something. I forgot that I needed to be helping plan and implement volunteer recruitment for school activities, and then keeping track of the volunteers for them. It’s not a huge deal that I forgot, for two reasons – 1) my more securely on-the-ball colleagues managed to get enough events recorded between them this quarter to cover the grant metrics for the year (GO TEAM!) and 2) I was actually doing all that planning and whatnot with the FACES program I help manage at school, but simply didn’t realize I needed to turn it it. So I’ve held up my end of the doing. I just need to get to the recording and reporting.

Whew. Glad my forgetfulness wasn’t a major flub, results-wise. I do not want to be the one who kills the grant money vital to our program’s survival!

In other news, around pre-teenhood, some kids get pissy and hate to do homework and like to slam things around. Whoda thunk. Also of note, I am now apparently evil for not doing such a pre-teen’s homework for her. Good to know.

(Luckily, I made my saving throw and did not suffer any loss of hit points due to this sudden shift in alignment, thanks mostly to my +5 Aura of Incredulous Laughter.)

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