We got a volunteer! Wooohoooo!

Just so you know, our homework club is the anchor chain dragging the clipper ship ProjectMARCH’s volunteer recruitment metrics averages way down. Last quarter we had about 4 or 5 volunteers, counting the few times my hubby has lent a hand moving furniture and stuff during lunch.

We’re supposed to have 25. Ouchie.

Today, though, one of our student’s mothers came in to sign up as a volunteer. The housing authority is cracking down on back-due community service hours (you have to have so many per month if you’re not working, or risk eviction), and she’s way behind. So faster than you can say “expedited background check,” we have a real, honest to goodness community volunteer helping out with the kids. I’m stoked!

Okay, yeah, it’s just one volunteer, but c’mon! I gotta take my wins where I can find them.

*snoopy dance*

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