Trading spaces, and a successful breakfast

Today was our last Friday Morning Meeting in the conference room that we’ve been using since we started. The United Way building where ChildrenFirst is housed is undergoing some extensive restructuring and remodeling and as a result all of the conference rooms will be closed for the rest of the year and they’re refurbished and reorganized.

That’s great, but it means that we have to find somewhere that will hold 20-some-odd folks every Friday (without creating transportation obstacles) to hold our weekly training meetings. Next weeks will be at the Housing Authority building, but after that I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

On a positive note, my turn at breakfast (we all take turns providing nosh for the meetings) was a success. I decided on taking two types of store bought breakfast breads (cinnamon and blueberry), two jars of fruit (mango slices and mandarin orange sections), two cartons of juice (orange and orange/pineapple/banana) and a tub of vanilla yogurt. By the end of the meeting nothing was left but odds and ends, which I insisted everyone else take home, since I was going to spend my afternoon walking around town to get to a doctor’s appt and pick up a library book I had on hold.

Ah, the sweet taste of a job well done. With mangoes! Yummy!

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