Ooo ooo eee eee aahh aahhh…AGGGHHHHHHHH!

OMFG, sometimes the kids in our homework club behaviorally resemble nothing so much as a pooh-flinging troupe of hyper-caffeinated monkeys! And today, I was playing the part of the frazzled zoo-keeper. Bouncing off the walls doesn’t begin to describe the mayhem and chaos today. More like a monkey-powered earthquake factory.

Okay, so no pooh was actually flung. But I would be willing to hazard a guess that it wouldn’t have taken much. We even started a new program of taking them outside as soon as they get there for a half-hour or so to work the wiggle-giggles out and it still barely made a dent in the levels of activity or noise. I am so past due for one of those Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom tranquilizer dart guns, one of the fancy one’s with a semi-automatic setting permanently set to “ON.”

On the upside, we did get a new (used) file cabinet, the drawers of which actually move independently. So the obstinate piece of crap we were using was finally and unceremoniously hauled out to the dumpster and left for dead. Hah!

Also, I’ve got all my volunteer records together for the meeting tomorrow. And my choices for the meeting breakfast are chilling in my fridge, just waiting to be descended upon by the locust plague that is an Americorps team. So, although I have few if any functioning nerves left, I’m all set to go productively speaking.

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