Hi ho, hi ho…well, you know the rest

The time of Christmas cookies, random justifications for spending money and unfettered leisure are over. Time to get back to work. *whipcrack* Hiyaahh!

Okay, not so much with the whipcracking, but still a busy day none the less. It’s a short week and I’ve got a buttload of records to pull together for my morning position before Friday (for which meeting it’s my turn to supply breakfast, as well). I spent most of my day elbow-deep in copies of this year’s sign-in sheets, cross-referencing against my volunteer list to make sure that everyone is accounted for.

What’s annoying is that several volunteers have a habit of hit-or-miss recording of their hours. They’ll sign in and not sign out. Or they’ll sign in and out at the office, but not at the volunteer center, or vice versa. Gah! I so did not sign up for Cat Herding 101, folks! C’mon, give a volunteer coordinator a break, will ya?

Anyway, I got most of it together today – just a few kinks to be worked out and a few more bits of cross referencing to attend to. Plus my time sheets for Dec. Then I’m good to go.

Got a full house this afternoon at the homework club, with plenty of high (and some not-so-high) spirits as the kids readjust to the realities of being back at school. Had to whip up a snack that didn’t require much cleaning up after, since although I took the club’s towels and dishrags home to wash, I neglected to bring them with me this morning. D’oh! So we had carrots and ranch dip, with cereal bars and juice boxes. Voila… no muss, no fuss.

Hoping to get to be a bit earlier tonight to make up for lost sleep last night (just couldn’t nod off, no matter how much I fretted over the sleep I was losing, LOL). Gotta get back in shape for the daily world-changing grind. 😀

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