Almost there…

Tomorrow is the last day before Christmas break. You can tell it’s getting close because there’s almost nothing to do. 😀 At my morning site, I basically did a bit of housekeeping records stuff (I can’t compile and turn in the morning records until I get back in Jan – they’re not due until that Fri anyway – since there may well be volunteers in the various offices while I’m out) and puttered around the office watching my supervisor’s head spin trying to sort and deliver an office full of Santa donations for underprivileged kids.

As for the afternoon, we had one of our colleagues on hand to help the day go by smoothly. It was a gorgeous day outside, so we took advantage of it to finish up our Service project (except for the post test) by sending them out to the picnic table behind the club to make Christmas cards for the kids at the homeless shelter. Word of advice – when excess quantities of glitter are involved, outside is definitely the way to go.

Due to our first service component (an actual visit to the shelter) falling through and delaying our timeline, we’re going to have to wait until after holiday break to do the post-test, but other than that it worked out really well. The cards all looked nice and the kids had fun, plus we got to talk to them about how it would feel to be a kid spending Christmas in a shelter. Shaping young minds, we are. Yessiree…

Anyway, tomorrow is the last day and I’ll be totaling up all the vital digits for the afternoon site (which most assuredly won’t be operating during the break) and getting all that ready for our last meeting Wed. After that, I’m done until Jan 2.

Don’t know if I’ll keep blogging here or not during the interim – maybe if I run across some interesting Americorps news or some such. Otherwise, probably not. But I’ll be back in ’07, so just hang tight.

Tomorrow, we party. Gifts go out. Cake will be eaten. Movies will be watched. Huzzah!

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