Short meeting, long day

We had a real short last meeting of the year this morning – just a few hours going over some basic reminders for end-of-year wrap up, and a few calendar issues. But since Mr. Pitts was working on something that couldn’t be stopped just to come pick me up, I ended up hanging around the office checking my email, mooching some free potluck lunch down at the Community Relations office (apparently it’s a yearly tradition) and sitting for an hour or so on a hard wooden bench reading and waiting for my ride.

It’s always the same thing around holidays and other large breaks in routine – the last few days are always sort of a productive limbo, since all existing projects need to be wrapped up before lights out and no new ones are being started until after everyone gets back. Of course, I’ve got buttloads of record keeping to wrangle come Monday and Tues (it’s one of those last-minute finishes), but otherwise not much is going on.

The same thing is going on with the kids. This close to the holidays, homework is getting scarce and with it goes any semblance of chill. There’s too much “SCHOOL’S OUT!!!!” anticipation in the air and not enough ongoing work to keep the critical-mass chain reaction of devolving attention spans and increasing restlessness in check. Mon and Tues should be fun…not.

Anyway, so that’s my day.

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