About halfway through the after school program today, it started snowing. Not a lot, but with those big, fat, floaty flakes that every Hollywood director uses as stock Christmas footage, falling just heavily enough to get the kids all excited, but not enough to accumulate.

We finally got them reigned in, after a struggle. Sorta maybe got them to focus on their homework, although there were many leg-stretching trips to the windows to watch the flurries. I kept trying to get them to do their homework and Mother Nature kept trying to tempt them over to the windows. Back and forth.

Finally, after the flakes had used up all of their initial novelty appeal, we got back into the groove and I quit watching out the window. Then, after a while, I look up and holy cow, it’s starting to stick! And I’ve got an after school filled with kids who have to walk home, along with two adults who have to drive through it. Crud.

I finished the last bit of homework that I was helping one of the students with (just as her dad showed up downstairs to collect her), and we began the hectic and somewhat chaotic process of a hasty, early dismissal in order to beat the worst of it home before the roads went from dampishly dark and shiny-wet to the visually identical, but infinitely more unpleasant, black ice.

We made it, with time to spare.

So now I’m at home making a big pot of hot, creamy potato/corn chowder, which is (in my opinion) the world’s most perfect ‘first snowy day’ meal ever.

As for me, I’m over the snow itself (I get about 10 minutes of excitement out of it, and then I’m good for the year). But I am looking forward to the soup.

(Is it too ironic to mention that I spent most of the pre-snow afternoon cutting out fold-and-snip snowflakes? Yeah, I thought so.)

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