The only thing interesting that happened today is that I spent the whole afternoon wrestling with an on-again, off-again pressure headache from the incoming weather system, and spent most of the day teetering on the verge of losing my voice completely, although as of now I still have something that could charitably be called a soft croak with which I can make most of my immediate needs known (if you’re standing no more than a few feet away, that is, so you can actually hear what it is I’m saying).

To top it off, due to a certain lunar-based biological clock, dinner consisted of some crappy tomato soup, low-rent nachos, wasabi rice cracker snacks, a bowl of Corn Pops and a bottle of hard cider. (I have no idea how I live through these mood and diet fluctuations – my best guess involves protective hormonal screens that filter out poisons. But it’s just a guess.)

I’ve got an early board meeting tomorrow morning (whee!), and a long night of tummy rumbles. So consider yourself blogged. I’m going to bed.

Update: Migraine Sufferers ‘Like Human Barometers.’ Well, duh…

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