Spring in the mountains…wait…huh?

Morning was productive, just enough stuff going on to keep me from getting bored without feeling busy. I like those days.

Hubby picked me up today for lunch and we shared our respective brown-bags at the Homework Club before heading off to a nearby riverside park for a nice long walk during the warm, slightly sunny afternoon of what I swear was a totally temporally confused early spring day. It had that warm, wet new-grass smell and feel of spring rather than the crisp, cool dry-smelling snap of fall, yanno? Weird. But good.

We had a nice walk, enjoyed each other’s company in that contented, easy old-married-couple way and actually saw a few small bits of local wildlife. Namely, an industrious fuzzy little bee working a few small, scattered dandelions – see, spring! – like a bartender working the last of the nights big spenders for their final tips before the ugly-lights go up, and the tail end of some black snake working its way notably sluggishly down a hole. In fact, had it not been for the hubster’s sharp eye, I probably would have stepped on it. Not that I would have been in much danger, as it was most likely a black snake, and in any case it was way to far gone into torpor to put up much of a fight. But I would have felt bad.

The afternoon almost went weird on me, as my Americorps partner didn’t show by opening time and our supervisor said she’d missed her first assignment being out sick. For a while, I thought I was going to have to wrangle the whole club single-handedly. But she pulled up half an hour later, apparently having gotten tied up at one of our affiliated programs choosing from a pile of donated gifts for our kids. And still sick, too. But she soldiered on anyway (brave girl) and between us both (I’m still getting over my own cold and have been on the verge of losing my voice for the last few days) we managed to make it though more or less intact.

We are getting some push back on the new rules, mostly entailing snack. The early kids, having gotten used to being fed the minute they hit the door, dislike having to wait now until everyone gets here an hour later. And, as part of a city-school-wide program, we’re getting the goods for serving at least a few healthy snacks a week (today was yogurt and fruit), the concept of which (as we all know) is like kryptonite to children. Got a few complaints about the distinctly un-crap-like quality of the offering and had a bit of a hassle over the whole “bring your own” option that we had generously allowed them to participate in (arguments over sharing snacks between sibs, wanting to mix-and-match both brought snack and our snacks, etc). So no more “bring from home” snacks this week (ie, tomorrow) and we’ll try it one more time, but if they can’t manage to do it without arguments and problems, that’ll be the end of that experiment and it’ll be back to “my way or the highway” food service, LOL!

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