Fun…Tuesday? Sure, why not?

Today was the last day before Thanksgiving break (ergo no homework), so we planned our “Fun Friday” event for today. We had a movie (Monster House! I’ve been dying to see it, so I was all stoked), popcorn and similar snacks, juice and games. It was the perfect day for our Supervisor to be visiting – no fussing, no behavior issues and no stress. Plus, we even got a volunteer on the books (WOOHOOO! Go me!), since one of our students asked his “Big Brother” (from BBBS) to stop by and hang out, which he did (and which I encouraged him to do again, anytime. 😀 )

So, let’s add the tally for the day: 1 fun day + 0 homework + 1 cool movie I hadn’t seen yet + 1 stress-free supervisor visit + 1 surprise volunteer credit = a super-tastic amaz-aliscious send off for the holiday break. To top it off, hubs and I were both worn out enough to just spontaneously call a “pizza night,” so my tummy’s full of Papa John’s Spinach Alfredo pizza with mushrooms added. And a rare, but lovingly devoured Butterfinger. Yummers!

See you next Monday! Enjoy your turkey or whatevs. I am soooo out of here.

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