New start with new rules

Laid down the new rules on the homework club as per Friday’s Project MARCH meeting. Basically, the new rules mean no snack choice (you get what we fix, or you can bring your own); snack is served at 4, after everyone arrives, rather than being an hour+ long, multi-stage serving chaos; behavior and decorum are to be more in line with behavior expected at school and you get one warning before being sent home, period; homework goes upstairs and eating/play goes downstairs, to avoid distractions; and games are locked up and checked out to a person who is then responsible for its intact return to the games closet.

Despite my initial misgivings, it went well. Of course, many of them didn’t actually have homework since Tues is the last day before Thanksgiving break, but enough did to give it a trial run and survey says…we have a winnah! They did really well, even accounting for going through an adjustment period. We did send one girl home, but her behavior would have been egregious even under the old permissive system, so I’m not counting that as a strike against the new order.

In any case, I’m looking forward to my break. I need a vacation. It’s been a long few months and I’m having almost no success getting volunteers through the door, so I’m beginning to stress out about that. I need a few days to simply recharge and recommit. Bring on the carbs!

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