Still life of Americorps member, as seen through a haze of pain

We had a Red Cross Emergency Shelter set-up training today. At least, I think we did. I, personally, woke up with the makings of a migraine which very quickly self-assembled into a full on skull-crushing, stomach churning hell of pain and nausea. So for most of our meeting I was basically a painful puddle of warm DNA and very little more. Thankfully, a weighty workbook/manual came with the training (sans binder, which just means I’ll have to provide my own to add it to the library o’ doom), so hopefully if I ever find myself needing the info I can look it up.

After the main meeting, those of us in Project March had our own meeting, which basically boiled down into the finding that neither Sarah nor I are particularly good role models in the “maintaining order and discipline” area of things, which surprises me not at all, given the issues I’m having which are elaborated in yesterdays screed.

So we have to work a bit harder at maintaining order. And the whole negotiating snack choices has been resolved by a decision to simply not offer choices. You get what we fix, a la dinner at home. Not my first choice, but it will eliminate this issue and right now every bit of excess static we can tune out is that much more peace we have to work with, so I’m going along. We also have to round up the student info so we can turn it in before Thanksgiving break. Which is something I definitely have a handle on, given my nearly obsessive penchant for all things spreadsheety.

And that’s the totality of my Friday, work-wise. After work was basically a round of spending down hubby’s paycheck on frivolous items like dinner and groceries and cat food. Yanno, the usual wastage. C’est la vie.

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