YMCA Block Party

Saturday was the YMCA block party out at PVA, and S and I attended to support the troops and hit up folks for volunteering. We had contemplated going around to all the names on my list, but S got caught up in working with the kids and I was having a decent time shmoozing with folks I pinned down at the grill station (always stake out the food source – everyone eventually ends up there), so we stuck with what we were doing and I am going to work on getting the numbers of the folks on my list. Plus, the other day, while hunting up some other paperwork, S unearthed the volunteer sheets from last year that I’d either seen and forgot about or, more likely, never realized we had (our file cabinet is an obstinate POS and the sheets were way in the back, so it’s fairly likely that I just never ventured that far back into the drawers of doom). So, I’m going to start working my way through them, as well, to see if I can stir any repeat business.

Anyway, the block party was fun – grilled ground and cased animal carcasses, lots of junk food accompaniments, face painting, beaded jewelry station, kick and dodge ball games and so on. Lots of kids came, but not so many adults. I had hope to be able to corner talk about volunteering with more residents than I got the chance to. But I did score a hit with a sorority memberwho was with the Y, and it turns out her sorority is a service sorority. Shweeet! Hopefully, I’ll hear back from her sooner rather than later. And later in the day, I got up the nerve to ask the manager of my bank if they did volunteering and he asked me to send him a proposal. Not a for-sure by any means, but still cool.

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