A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Ah, Fall. My favorite. Colorful, crisply cool but not too cold (perfect for those cuddly sweaters without requiring an additional 20lbs of weatherproof gear) and full of wondrous sights and smells. Like the first wisps of woodsmoke floating on the breeze, the first chili pot of the season and last remnants of Halloween candy shared guilt-free amongst colleagues. *sigh*

The last few days have been gorgeous. Warm, even toasty, temps with a fine, cooling breeze and just enough sunlight to make you feel all puddy-cat comfy without verging into sweaty hot. The walk between sites has become an greatly anticipated joy this week, rescued however briefly from the domain of a necessary trudge through less-than-fun conditions. I’m sucking it up while I can, since I know full well it ain’t gonna last (those nippy test-winter days last week speak to what’s really around the bend). Indian summer, I guess. All I know is that I had my face to the sun and “Summer Breeze” floating through my brain all the way to the homework club. Okay, so it was the Type O Negative cover version, but still. It cheered me up. (So I got a thing for Gothic hotties with depression issues. Deal.)

Work went well, even. A busy day at the school, since we’re hip deep in enrollment for a soon-to-start mentoring program, but nothing I couldn’t handle (and handle smoothly, thank you very much), although it did mean putting October’s volunteer hours reporting off until tomorrow. No big. Priorities, and what have you. As for homework club, well, it was pretty cool. Aside from some attitude issues with a couple of students who aren’t getting away with as much as they used to before we knew better, it was smooth and happy sailing. Plus, we’re getting out 30 minutes earlier, because it’s getting dark so soon. No one wants either the kids or ourselves traipsing around the development after dark. Which just means more downtime for me, about which I am NOT going to argue.

My biggest accomplishment today was getting rid of an annoying desktop hutch that someone last year had put up on the kitchen table for some unknown and unfathomable reason, since it takes up well over half the usable space and blocks light coming in from the kitchen windows. The happy hubby got some time off around mid-day and came over for a drive-by hugging, so I had him whip out his tools (hey, watch those thoughts – he’s taken. And he’s a contractor, so it’s not those kind of tools, anyway. Oooooo, what a mind you have!) and take the damned thing apart so we could stow it in a closet. What an improvement! And good hugs, to boot. *sigh*

Also on the “done” list for today was finally finishing up the inventory of stuff we have in case of fire or theft. When you want something detailed, fiddly and/or tedious done well, give it to the obsessive-compulsive. The danged thing is detailed down to model and serial numbers for everything from the box fan to the spare computer parts (including the product key and ID for the main computer’s OS – Sssssssssssmokin’!) Now I just gotta get a Word-compatible program on the computer that has the printer and all will be well. 😀

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