Two for one – a blogging roundup

[Yeah, I changed the theme of the site. Whaddya think?]

Yesterday I got in too late to blog again, but this time I have a note from my boss – a few of us volunteered to watch some kids while their parents went to an out of town meeting for Weeds and Seeds, and anti-drug/gang group, with our program director. We got actual hours for it, so it’s legit. On the upside, the kids basically watched movies and ate pizza (as did we grown-ups). On the downside, we were there until 9:30. Gah.

So, no bloggy yesterday. And very little bloggy tonight, because I am one tired puppy. I didn’t get much sleep last night, after all of that (woke up with a busy brain at something like 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep until about an hour of light in-and-out dozing around 5:30). Been basically shuffling through the day with a headache, a slouch and an unnatural craving for…BRAINS!…er, sleep. That, and the fact that I’d been without meds for my heart for the past few days due to chronic brainlessness, added up to a seriously impaired day.

Luckily, the kids didn’t have much in the way of homework today (it is Halloween, after all), so it was basically a play day, which means pretty much the statistically maximal happy-happy for the group, all things considered, which made it a light day in terms of crap I had to deal with under the influence of what is essentially an alcohol-free hangover. We also had a brief meeting with our new supervisor before the kids got there, and hammered out some details for streamlining our food ordering, getting some sort of volunteer acquisition plan in place and generally hashing out the random raw edges and fine details that go into running a homework club for a big group of grade-schoolers.

The biggest obstacle at the moment is that during babysitting we signed up a girl who, it turns out, has some serious issues with some of the girls who already attend our club. That in and of itself may keep her from attending, in which case I’m unhappy about losing a sign-up but relieved at not being put on 24/7 fire-stomping duty. OTOH, if she does come, we have some options for professional education-dept mediation folks to come in and try to iron it out with us, so that’s cool. So, we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, getting some volunteers on board will ease the strain on us a bit and give us some breathing room to let out some stress. Whew….

Also, met some new dogs on the beat (got big sloppy dog snorgle kisses out of the deal) and got to chat with the lady who was growing the big-ass morning glories and other botanical beauties that enlighten my walk.

In any case, that’s basically it for now. I’m tired. I’m fed. And I’m done for the night. Adios, amigos! Mañana.

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