Making a Difference

Today, our Americorps group participated in Make A Difference Day by doing a trash pickup at two of the three housing development sites where we have homework clubs. After a brief stop at the community center at Deaverview for Belgian waffles, pancakes and bacon, we headed out be-gloved and bundled up to wreak havoc on the development’s litter population. Although the biting wind was chilling when we started out, and tended to whip the trash around faster than we could run it down, it turned out quite nice later in the afternoon.

To brag just a bit, at PVA some of our kids actually came out to help (they were supposed to at the other place, too, but none did). I was so proud of them – they did a lot of work and seemed to have fun doing it.

In any event, we finished up in good time and left the world a cleaner place.

And now I’m off to a Halloween party, dressed as White and Nerdy. After all, ya gotta go with what ya know.

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