Fun Friday – Halloween party!

Yeah, I skipped yesterday’s post. That’s because I was out late watching the Old Crow Medicine Show kick some serious musical derrière last night and didn’t get in until after 11. I love ya’ll, really, but not enough to be blogging at near-nuff to midnight when I gotta get up for work the next day.

In any case, yesterday was pretty much a routine, boring, same-old-same-old day anyway, with except that I got to meet some of the neighborhood pit bulls up close and personal on the walk to the homework club, since they were out and about with their owner. It was a tad bit nervous-making at first, since I don’t know the dogs well. But I did my patented, dog-friendly turn-and-present-flank maneuver (facing a dog head-on is threatening, whereas turning slightly so they come up on your side is the dog equivalent to a handshake) combined with the non-aggressive not-making-eye-contact bit until they were at ease, and it turned into a happy, snuffly sniff-a-pa-looza. Besides, these guys know me anyway, since I always make it a habit to talk happy-friendly with all the dogs on my walk, just in case of times like this. They are sweet pups, really. And one house a few doors down got a new dog for me to make friends with – a gorgeous red-blonde husky. Pretty puppy. Other than that, nothing exceptional to report.

Oh, yeah. The concert totally. Frakking. Rocked. Abso-frakking-totally. Booyah! My throat is sore today from hootin’ an’ hollerin’.

Today was our Fun Friday Halloween Party. We had pumpkins to gut and carve (playing endlessly with the “gook” turned out to be a wildly popular, and unforeseen, attraction), fresh sugar cookies to decorate with orange and black icing, The Goonies movie to watch, popcorn and snack mix to scatter wildly about the premises (and, in small portions, actually eat) along with freshly baked pumpkin seeds and a fare-well candy treat.

To say it went well would be accurate, but somewhat less than descriptive of the true nature of the success of the event.

Yeah, we rocked.

(Not as much as OCMS rocked, but hey – we don’t have thousands of bucks a show to budget for these things. And no banjos, either, which does put a crimp in our overall rockable potential.)

And that’s all she wrote, folks. Literally. Dinner is waiting, I am hungry and that is a non-sustainable equilibrium if ever there was one. So, buh’ bye.

And Happy Halloween!

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