A breather from discord – smothered in geek love, with an incentive program cherry on top

Today, nothing earthshattering occured. Which is, in and of itself, noteworthy. And relaxing. The fact is, I had a busy but good day today. The morning went by at a sparky little clip – rarely a moment of non-busy-ness, but no emergencies or serious problems. Just lots of tasks all falling into place like dominoes, one after another. I got it all wrapped up with a bow at noon on the button, and headed out the door for the homework club with a jaunty lift in my step.

Once there, after doing the obligatory battle with the front door lock (my key sticks and apparently there’s a secret handshake/god-of-locks placating ritual involved in removing it that I’m not capable of managing, except by dint of long minutes spent turning, tugging, pushing, twisting, praying and cursing until I hit the magic combo that allows my key to be grudgingly released back into my temporary custody), the afternoon was refreshinginly crisis free. Of course, the kids weren’t perfect little angels or anything silly like that. But every once in a while they just manage to behave well enough to give my nervous system a bit of calming downtime and today was one of those blissfully functional days.

On top of that, I finally got the brand spanking new printer hooked up to the new-to-us computer and did a little geeky dance of joy at having a good excuse to play around with techie toys for a while. It’s not only a printer, but a copier/scanner/fax thingy, too (although we don’t have a fax line). I got to fondle USB cables, install software and play clicky-clicky with the buttons trying out the various options. Shhhwweeeet!

Oh, and we decorated for the Halloween party, too. Fake spider web stuff draped cheaply but heavily over the main window? Check. Large crepe paper spider leering drunkenly over the main room? Check. Pumpkin printed bags for the dispersement of cavities-on-a-stick standing by? Check. Looks like we’re good to go for party launch. 2 days and counting!

This Saturday, we’re having a Make A Difference Day community clean up, kicking off with a pancake breakfast and clean up at Deaverview in the AM, and finishing up at Pisgah View from noon until two. The kids are supposed to participate, but it’ll be interesting to see how many we actually get.

On the volunteer recruitment side of things, I’m making up a quarter page “we verify community service hours” shill-slip for the development office to slip in with utility bills. Residents who aren’t working have to do X numbers of community service hours to keep their apts. Hopefully, that’ll get some response.

And speaking of kids and good behavior, that incentive program we rolled out is working! They’re actually competing with each other to read extra chapters, clean up the homework club or do math worksheets to earn extra credit points (one per day limit, unless you’re really behind) above and beyond their daily points (three if you were up to par in respectulness, doing homework without whining or stalling, and behaving safely) to out-do each other.

Holy. Freaking. Cow. We so rock! (And they do, too, of course. But hey – a little Snoopy Dance never hurt anyone.)

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