Never a dull moment

Spent the morning at a volunteer conference with my supervisor and the assistant principal in lovely Lake Junaluska, learning about what all that educational alphabet soup (education-based acronyms) means and learning some strategies to help teach reading. There was also a nice breakfast and lunch served, and some singing and other music by local students. It was fun and educational, although for some reason I couldn’t quite engage with the event fully (too early, maybe). But sometimes it’s just great to get out of the office and stretch your brain a bit.

This afternoon, though, some longstanding and ongoing issues with a homework club member came to a head today. One student has some attention issues and other concerns which resulted in either myself or the other staff member having to be “on” them 24/7 in order for them to get anything done and prevent disruptive behavior, which has kept us from helping other students and created a lot of frustration for everyone – us, the kid, the other kids and the parents. But although it was very trying at the time, after talking to the parents we think we’ve come to a solution that will work for everyone – the parent is getting the student a 1-on-1 worker who, hopefully, will be able to do afterschool hours. The agreement is that the child can return as long as the 1-on-1 is with them.

Which is really great, since it’s a really great, smart, funny kid who just has a few behavioral issues that need to be dealt with and the need for someone to work with them solely, but that’s just something which neither I nor my colleague have the time, training or freedom to do. So *crossing fingers* maybe this arrangement will work out better for everyone in the end.

On a lighter note, the new kids we had sign up the other day are remarkably well-mannered and behaved. Almost as a soothing balm after the meltdown, I spent a half-hour or so reading together with one of the younger ones (putting some of my new-found knowlege to the test) and enjoying the heck out of it . Who knew? I just hope their behavior rubs off on the rowdier kids, rather than the other way around!

Friday is our Halloween party! Pumpkin carving, cookie decorating and (hopefully, but not assuredly) pizza. Let’s just hope no one goes all Saw 2 with the kid-safe pumpkin carving set! :-O

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