Yep – it’s Monday. Cold, long, tiresome and (thankfully) over.

Late night, too tired, getting up early. So you get the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version:

Cold, windy, nasty weather. Started the day with blatant proof of my inability to think more than the next step ahead, only to find others helpfully doing my thinking for me so I don’t lose it all together (not sarcasm, btw). We have several more sign-ups at the homework center (yay!). We have several more kids to keep an eye on between just the two of us (gah!). Enlightening, but basically non-helpful, conversation with the workmans’ comp company – yes, it would be nice if a doctor actually looked at the injury to see if I was slowly destroying my arm by using it, but gee, it would mess up our nice, neat lineup of paperwork. So don’t, for now. We’ll be in touch. Probably within a week. Or so. But if it hurts bad enough that you want to go to the ER or something, call us. (Not a doc, mind you, but the paperworker at workmans’ comp.) *sigh* Site meeting at the homework center with the Director, the new Supervisor, an outside observer and an admin – while our friends (who were off today because the county schools were out) take care of all of the kids upstairs. Yeesh. Then, after a quick dip into the house to try to catch up on some paying work, most of which had to be put off until tonight, it was back out for a two-hour lecture on Eating Disorders, which has ironically resulted in me not having time for dinner before bed.

I am seriously tired, since I just finished the paying work at almost 10pm. Plus I have to get up early to attend a Volunteer Conference tomorrow. So, adios. I’m going pillow-diving. See ya!

Oh, hey, yeah. It snowed. All of two or three flakes. The kids reacted as if Brad Pitt had gone streaking through the homework club in slow motion throwing hundred-dollar bills behind him. Me, not so much.

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