Goals and metrics and deadlines…oh my!

I have to find 15 kids and 25 volunteers by the end of December, or I’m not holding up my end of the grant. Gah. So far, I’ve got 9 kids (10, but one never comes – I need to call on that one tomorrow). And I’ve had exactly one volunteer. For one day. Crud.

My issue is that I’ve got no idea how to do this. I mean, I’ve got some ideas but in fact I spend a lot of my time doing homework club stuff (cooking snack, cleaning up and helping supervise the kids) that I’m not sure if I even have time to do what is essentially my job. It’s a catch 22, really – if I had more volunteers, I’d have more free time to find volunteers (and kids). Now, I’m not saying that I’m the only one in this pickle – the other two homework clubs have 20+ kids, and let’s be real here – no amount of volunteers is ever going to make that work out smoothly enough to let the volunteer coordinator focus solely on their work. But still. At least they don’t have to worry about making up their student numbers at the same time. I don’t think we got 20 people at our Free Fantabulous Hotdog Cookout and we were handing out free food! If free food won’t bring them how can I convince 20 kids to do homework and 20 adults to volunteer.

Bitch bitch whine whine ppphhhhuuuttttt!

There, got that out of my system. I’m just going to have to find a way to make this work. First up is putting my top-notch marketing and copywriting skills to the test by putting up flyers in the community center to attract volunteers. Then there’s the prospect of getting the existing kids to help us attract more kids. Tammy suggests offering a prize incentive for every kid who brings in two other kids that stay a minimum of two weeks. Sounds good – now I just gotta figure out what sort of prizes will work.

I also think I’m going to set up some Sunday sermons at local churches to see if I can’t get a few members to kick it old school like J. C. and hang with the poor children for a while. Also need to write an ad for the Mountain Xpress. Dunno if it’ll do any good, but it can’t hurt and it’s free.

So that’s my challenge for this next few months – get our numbers a poppin’ and our club a rockin’. And to somehow fit that between slopping mac’n’cheese and convincing the kids that “I’m In Love With A Stripper” is really not appropriate homework club fare.

*tiny sigh*

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