On the other hand…

Went to the free clinic Thurs and, as I suspected, there wasn’t a whole lot they could do. The advice I got was literally a twist on the “take two aspirin and call me in the morning” – take two naproxin sodium (generic Aleve) twice a day until you can get to a doctor. However, I did learn two fascinating tidbits – one, I don’t need a regular doctor, I need an orthopedic specialist; and two, I don’t need an x-ray, I need an MRI. Oh, goody. My shoulder just got about a jillion times more expensive to keep hanging around. Wonder what the trade-in value is?

So, until I can work out the most financially feasible combination of those options, I am doing my best to become functionally left-handed. Of course, as you can see, I’m still using my right arm for light-weight chores like typing (and doing dishes, dressing myself, writing and so forth), albeit no more than I need to. But most of the heavy lifting, both metaphorically and literally, is being shunted over to the left. Stuff like mouse handling, holding things heavier than a good-sized ink pen, manipulating things that required hand-arm leverage and so forth.

So far so good. I’m better with my left hand than I have any right to be, considering I’ve not exactly been practicing. OTOH (heh…) I used to practice radical ambidextrousness as a kid, doing things like writing my first and last names on a chalkboard simultaneously, using both hands at once. It was slow going, but readable. So maybe not all of those old neural pathways have dried up over the years. Spiffy.

Anyway, this morning was our Friday meeting time, and we did some brainstorming about getting more volunteers. Two of the homework clubs put ads in the local Express (I feel like such a slacker), so I may do that. Truth is, though, with just 9 kids on a busy day we don’t really need that many volunteers. Although I could use a right-hand man. D’oh!

Tonight we had our bonfire/chili dinner. I got to poke the fire and pet the dog, so I’m a happy non-camper. And now I smell like smoke and Labrador. Yummy.

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