Nothing to see here…

Just a quick note to say that today was unrelentingly non-eventful, aside from a surprise visit from our beloved Director, Tammy. Got some stuff worked out (I’m being hauled off to see the free clinic tomorrow about my shoulder – not sure if they can diagnose it there or not, but it’s free so it’s a great place to start).

Also of note is the cheering prospect that the group’s whirlwind plans for having a camp-out this weekend have been slowed down by near-freezing temps forecast for overnight and downgraded from a full-strength WTF?!?!?! event to a simple hot-dish bonfire at Tammy’s. I don’t know what it is about growing up in a sheltered suburban life that makes you long to spend hours or even days freezing your naughty bits off while digging holes to do bear-like things in the woods, but having spent several winters of my youth in a an old, rural farmhouse where the only heat came from a fireplace and two grossly insufficient wood stoves and the plumbing was more often frozen than not, I have to say that I’ve done my time harshing it out Survivor-style in winter weather and risking frostbite to manage bodily functions. Fini. Over. Buh-bye now, Mr. Bear.

(You think that’s funny, you should hear the sounds that I choked out when the possibility of Oct/Nov white-water rafting was brought up.)

Oh, and no progress yet on computadora numero tres. I’m going Google hunting for the Windows 2000’s admin password hack after I finish this.

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