First Fun Friday

One of the things we have been planning to do is to hold Fun Fridays at the homework club on some of the Fridays after our weekly meetings. Fun Fridays are basically just that – some place for the kids to hang out and have fun on Fridays (when they have no homework). This serves several purposes. One, it’s FUN! ‘Nuff said. Two, it’s a way for us to get some extra hours in to buffer against future shortfalls. Three, it’s a way for us to do some of the larger, more involved activities or games that just don’t fit into the regularly scheduled routine of the homework club, or that may not be “educational” enough to take up regular homework time. Four, it’s a way to bond with the kids without all the pressure of the adult-kid authoritarian dichotomy. And five, it’s FUN. I said that, didn’t I? Well, it’s really fun, okay?

Today was our first Fun Friday, and we started early because the kids had a half-day and got out of school at noon (and we ended early, too, because S had to leave town for a family thing). The kids had picked “watching a movie” as the activity they wanted to do, so we spent from 1-3 watching the Little Rascals on VHS, while making short work of several bags of microwave Kettle Corn popcorn, a bowl of Party Mix and a whole package of sandwich cookies.

It was cool just to see them chilling out and having fun, and amazing to see how naturally well behaved and intelligent they all are without the pressures of homework and good behavior to rebel against. LOL! There were no fights, no snits, no sulking and almost no attitudes whatsoever. Oh, sure, there were a few snappy verbal exchanges, and one kid kept hitting people with a bit of paper flung from a rubber band, but seriously – this was downright church-like behavior from these kids.

Anyway, I can’t wait to do this again. It’s nice for us too, of course, because we get to enjoy a day without overhanging expectations of being able to “herd cats” with our mystically-conferred powers of grown-up authority. It’s nice to just hang out with the kids and have fun. I know we have to maintain order and keep work progressing during the week, and all that. But Fun Fridays are the icing on the world-saving cake.


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